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Ghazi Land Surveyors (Pvt) Ltd., can be traced back to 1995 when Engineer Raja Maqsood Hussain founded a private Limited company by the name of Engineering Consultants. This event marked the establishment of the FIRST consulting Engineering firm in Pakistan that was solely owned by a professional engineer. During those days, most of the Clients in Pakistan were not aware of the services a Consulting Engineer can provide them. Hence it was a tough time. But nevertheless, when the times are tough, the tough gets going. Due to an enterprising nature of its founder, EC remained focused and continued to progress through its talented team of professionals. As the Consulting Engineering gained recognition, the scope of services under the domain of EC expanded. In 1967, EC became a Partnership company. The company further expanded its operations in early 80's that required induction of more partners into the Company. Subsequently, two of the most senior and prominent professionals from within the Company were elevated to the positions of Directors in the Company. In 1991, EC transformed itself from EC, a partnership company, to Ghazi Land Surveyors (Pvt) Ltd., a Private Limited company to assume a corporate structure. All the credits and liabilities of EC were merged into Ghazi Land Surveyors (Pvt) Ltd


Ghazi Land Surveyors (Pvt) Ltd., proudly announce that our UK Office now working full flange, its mean we are more capable to handle both local (Pakistan) and International Projects under one roof. since our working potential, the International clients admire us for our standard and quality works. We are dealing  in under mentioned services in UK:-


Construction Work:

We deal A TO Z contraction work building maintenance, kitchen, bath, plumbing, car panting, tilling and extension.

Land Survey:

Topographical Survey with CAD plotting.

Layout/ setout.

Leveling work.


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